Paul helped us find exactly what we were looking for. It took some time, but he was willing to put in the work and stay true to our budget and our wishlist. He was patient, professional, and thorough. He paid attention to the smallest details we might have missed. We highly recommend his office!
Stephen Baldwin

In all of my experiences dealing with Grist Real Estate Associates, I found them extremely professional and very helpful. Nothing but positive experiences each time and friendly staff as well.
Chip Wright
As clients, Paul and his team were our first choice when we moved to Lewisburg from California.  Paul is knowledgeable, gracious, and has a great positive energy that is reflected in his team.  His office is cutting edge for the area, with customer service that is unparalelled.  He is not just knowledgeable, he and his people are diligent in helping folks find homes they will love, and making them feel truly welcome.  They were able to go above and beyond to orient us to our new community, and help find services we didn’t even know we needed! Relocating is tough, but he and his office made it easy!

Dale and Cheryl Gilman
While it might not seem that the agent listing your house matters but believe me – it does.   If you’re thinking about listing your home and you’re not sure which agent to list with, may I suggest that you list with Paul Grist?I was extremely pleased when I listed my home with Paul, he went above and beyond to get my home sold.   You may need to sell quickly, you may want to get the highest price even if it takes a bit longer, you might want to do improvements to reduce sales time but aren’t sure which improvements will make the biggest impact.  Paul knows the local Greenbrier Valley market extremely well and his relationships within the community are invaluable.  He is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient. His manner at all times was professional, efficient and personable.  He clearly takes pride in doing a good job. He arranged advertising on the web, in print, and on the property itself, and coordinated them effectively to achieve the maximum impact. In addition he used his considerable networking skills to get the word out in the community about my home.  In my particular case, as the seller of a home, there were many rough spots on the road to closing and in every instance Paul was a great help.  So I would not hesitate to recommend Paul as a realtor for anybody buying or selling a home.
Laurie Larson
It is a pleasure to write about our friend Paul Grist whom we met a year ago. We not only bought a beautiful home in Lewisburg with Paul’s help but we listed our equally beautiful home in Monroe County with him. We met Paul in his office last spring and within four dayswe had an offer accepted for our Lewisburg home. We could only have moved that quickly with someone who is focused, knows his market, and has an intuitive sense of what a buyer wants. With our desire to live within the Historic District as a guide, Paul zeroed in on 4 houses and one was the dream home in which we are now living.Check out his superb presentation of our Old Mill House and you will understand that whether buying or selling, you are with the best with Paul Grist.A great realtor, a great friend. Thank you Paul!

Stuart and Pat Margolin
Since we were new to the area, our goal was to find not only an agent to negotiate on our behalf, but someone familiar with the area to alleviate our fears of moving to an unknown part of the country.Much to our surprise, many of the agents we encountered were only interested in the sale, and not building a long-term relationship.You will not find that in Paul Grist and the members of the Grist Real Estate team.From the very start, Paul led with a caring attitude, remained the utmost professional, and his responsiveness was superb. Paul not only demonstrated his love for his job and community but his previous relationships with everyone involved with the real estate market was evident. From the lenders to the contractors to the inspectors, Paul and his team were able to guide us in the right direction to make wise decisions and find the perfect home for our future.You do not need to look any further than Paul Grist and the Grist Real Estate team for all of your current and future needs. Grist Real Estate truly is the leading marketer of land, farms, country estates, and recreational properties in the Greenbrier Valley and southern West Virginia.I highly recommend using Paul and his team if you want to have a successful process and build a long-lasting relationship.There is none better.

Dr. Stephen and Patty Cohen
5 star Paul is the most professional, organized and friendly real estate agent! We have had several great experiences with him and he communicates so well!
Amber Sizemore-McHale
5 stars –  The best. Paul is a superior agent that truly knows his market and his clientele.
Aaron and Sparrow Huffman
I want to thank Paul Grist for a great job in marketing and selling my second home.  Paul consistently gave me and my home the kind of attention that I would only have expected for a million dollar plus property.  Despite the isolated location, Paul generated many leads and had significant traffic visiting the property that resulted in multiple offers. He climbed the mountain repeatedly to walk the property with potential buyers. I can enthusiastically recommend Paul Grist to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate in West Virginia .

Dr. Alan D. Stanford, Ph.D.
“We onestly feel you are our first West Virginia friend. Thank you so much for all you do.“In October, 2014, we made our first visit to West Virginia. Prior to the trip, we researched online rural properties for sale in the more scenic areas of the state. We came across Paul Grist’s website and were immediately impressed by the appearance and ease of use of the website and the properties there were advertising. We contacted Paul and described the type of property we were interested in and set an appointment with him.Upon our arrival in Greenbrier County, Paul quickly and efficiently took us to view multiple properties and assisted us in finding a beautiful property that he felt would be a great fit for us. He was absolutely right! We closed on the purchase of our Adirondack mountain retreat within 6 weeks, thanks to Paul’s diligence and professionalism. Knowing we are not from the area, Paul put us in touch with neighbors, service providers, designers, and contractors who would be helpful in setting up our West Virginia home. He has continued to assist us well beyond closing of the sale.

Richard and Tina Butler
“We selected Paul Grist and his company to act as broker on the sale of our building in downtown Lewisburg based on their reputation in the community.We were not disappointed. Working with them has been a pleasure. Paul Grist carried out his responsibilities in an efficient and highly professional manner. Most brokers are qualified to handle residential and farmland transactions but he is one of the few local brokers who understands the special requirements of commercial property transactions.”

Harvey and Naomi Cohen
Richard and Paul Grist are superb professional realtors. They sold my farm in Pocahontas County, WV, to buyers from Switzerland whom they found through excellent advertising. Solid negotiators, unflappable, true professionals, they receive my highest recommendation for the sale or purchase of property in the jewel of the east, the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia.” STEPHEN

Stephen Coonts
My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Paul Grist while buying our first home. Although he was the representative of the sellers, Paul did not hesitate in the least to help us out with the purchase, no matter how petty or large the request was. His professionalism, outstanding personality, and his nature of being willing to go above and beyond to assist us with the purchase speaks volumes for not only himself, but the business that he represents. Needless to say, we are now in our beautiful new home enjoying a tranquil setting and all the pleasantries that come with it, and I can honestly say that I don’t think it would’ve been possible without the work that Paul did to ensure a smooth sale for both parties. For any of our friends or family that need a professional agent that is eager and willing to make a purchase or sale as easy and pleasant as! possible, I will be recommending Paul and Foxfire Realty over all others. Thank you all for the great service.

Christopher and Chaela Neil
Am writing to thank you for helping me locate a suitable property to build my new home on. When selecting a realtor it is imperative that you select someone who listens to what it is you are trying to accomplish and works to achieve that goal. When we first met our discussion was all about that is was I was looking to accomplish. I recall sharing with you my hope to locate a property that wasn’t too far from town and one that afforded privacy without being so far removed from civilization that I would be reluctant to travel for extended periods of time in fear of being burglarized. You listened to every word and spent your energy to find just that. I’m very impressed that you stayed on task with your search and amazingly in just two weeks found precisely what I was looking for. I’m sure this would not have been possible has you not listened to me the way you did.With little wasted motion we visited several properties. With each visit you provided me with a wealth of information that made it easy for me to evaluate my interest in each property. We never looked at anything that fell outside of the parameters of our target property and this is why I believe we were able to accomplish our goal as quickly as we did. When it came to presenting my offer you listened to how it was I wanted it to be tended, and made it clear to the seller that this would be my final and only offer. I always believed that a cash offer with little time for the seller to react would be in my favor. You executed my instructions perfectly with our offer and that is why I believe we were successful. I would not hesitate to use your service again and would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a competent and professional realtor.Even though your commission on my twenty three acre deal yielded little to you, I always had the feeling that I was as important to you as a million dollar client.

George Poszich
The thought of parting with my very special West Virginia cabin by the creek was, at minimum, a painful consideration. But, having had a desire to return to my beautiful home town of Charleston for more than a few years, I {gulp!} decided to make the move. It was important to me to work with the “right” realtor; ie one that was comfortable with a selling partner {me} and that would accept suggestions with a professional and receptive attitude. Thus, I spoke with a selection of realtors. Far and away Paul Grist was outstanding and I felt immediately at ease with his approach. In listing, Paul is thorough. He took time to become completely familiar with my property and took many creative pictures that showed the property in its best and true perspective. He gave good advice. His efforts resulted in a sale in an acceptable time frame and one meeting my criteria. Importantly, Paul is trustworthy and I had complete confidence in him which was especially meaningful to me as I was relocated in Charleston, SC while the sale was proceeding………….Guess the best way to say it is this: if I were to purchase or sell another property in in the Lewisburg area, I would call Paul.

Keith Herndon
Over the years I have had the good fortune to work with several excellent realtors. Most recently, I had an opportunity to work with Paul Grist. Paul is not “merely” excellent; he is superlative, and without question the best realtor I have ever dealt with in my life.When I decided to purchase a home in Greenbrier County, my criteria were difficult to communicate, because I was looking for something hard to find or explain. While I had a vision in my mind of what I was looking for, it was difficult for me to translate it into something actionable for Paul … a frequent dilemma when it comes to visions, I suppose! Paul worked with me tirelessly to help refine and crystallize the vision by showing me several properties. Throughout this patient process, he was able to continually course correct so that we could progressively zero in on an ideal target. The more he understood about what I was looking for, the more precise his search became. Paul never faltered in this time-consuming, laborious work.Toward the end of the long search, we found a property that was extremely close to meeting my criteria. I placed on offer on the property, and was excited about it. But the home inspection was a disappointment, and I decided not to proceed with the purchase.This became Paul’s finest hour, a time when he demonstrated impeccable integrity and earned himself honor and my deep respect. He had worked dozens of hours in my behalf, and a transaction and commission were in his grasp. Imagine his disappointment when he learned that I did not want to conclude the deal.The property was so close to my needs in so many respects that if Paul had decided to persuade me to buy it despite the problematic home inspection report, I would have done so. But that’s not Paul Grist. Paul accepted without complaint my decision to cancel the transaction, and never once did he try to convince me to buy the property. In accepting my decision and behaving as he did, he demonstrated genuine respect for me, his client. Many people say that they put the customer first, but few actually do. Paul is different: he does, and the way he performed when told that I did not want to proceed with the purchase is incontrovertible proof of it.When you work with someone great, the potential for magic materializes. And in my case, that’s exactly what happened: magic. Only a few weeks after I canceled the original purchase, a new prospective property appeared on the market. We visited the property, and then Paul performed extensive due diligence on it. Based on his findings, I placed a bid on and won it. It is a unique property, and far, far better than the one I almost purchased. When it comes to what I was looking and hoping for, this beautiful property is about as close to perfection as I could have gotten anywhere.Dealing with Paul has proven to me without a shadow of a doubt that one’s choice of realtor is of critical importance. As I mentioned above, I could easily have been convinced to purchase the first property, and if Paul had been more concerned about promptly receiving a commission check than about my desires and needs as his client, that’s exactly what he could have done: convinced me. But Paul put me far above himself, and did not second guess me. This opened the way for the perfect property to appear, and it did, just a few weeks later. Paul’s professionalism, excellent judgment, and abiding confidence that an even better property was out there for me opened the way to the achievement of an extraordinary outcome.Paul is a person of matchless integrity, expertise, patience and good will. Every day that I enjoy this exceptional home, I am thankful to Paul, because such a magical place would never have become mine had it not been for him.
Stewart Dougherty
We want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us fulfill my husband’s dream of returning to his roots in West Virginia. Your knowledge of the vistas in the area were very impressive and really helped to expedite the process of finding the perfect “get away” for our enjoyment. We love hiking and exploring the endless seasonal opportunities! We continue to be impressed by how you are still offering your knowledge and help, as we continue to become a part of the Asbury community. “Just like a Good Neighbor”. We truly appreciate your friendship and look forward to our visits each time we are in Lewisburg.
Lisa and Dan Facemire
I make my living as a real estate investor and have owned land not only in West Virginia but in Utah, Nevada, California and Florida. …Probably the most enjoyable purchase I’ve ever made is the nominal 11 acres that you sold me near Asbury last year. You made it so because of your integrity; integrity being that mixture of knowledge and honesty.I didn’t know the Greenbrier County real estate market when I made my purchase, but I knew enough about real estate to know a darned fine broker when I met one. Your near-immediate earning of my trust enabled me to bypass all the time I normally spend in a new market to learn it myself and move directly into the purchase phase. You saved me several weeks of time & and time is definitely money to me.Since my purchase and because my business is now centered in Las Vegas, Paul has taken the time to keep me informed about the status of my property. That’s done two things: saved me time and money and engendered the desire on my part to keep my relationship with you over the long-term.So, to you both I say thank you. You are among the very finest brokers in the country, and that includes markets in which the participants consider themselves very sophisticated.Your hard work and dedication to your clients will create all the luck you need to make your new brokerage a success. I can only thank you both for the outstanding service given to me and hope that we’ll do business again.
Bob and Feona Gore
Jeannie and I would like to let you know how impressed we are with your successful handling in selling our Lewisburg home.  One of the most impressive aspects, for us, was that you do not just list a home, but you market a home.  We had not experienced that before.  Also, the very sound advice you give on how the home is to be prepared for presentation is impressive.  We want to thank Cindy and you for your hard work and wish you much success in your business going forward. 
Gary and Jeannie Brewer
I have bought two properties and sold one with Paul. It was a stress – free experience each time.  Paul had all based covered in getting right purchase price each time and a right sell price that we received on the first day my house went on the market. He is very knowledgeable and very easy to do business with. His local network was excellent and helped as we moved  up from NC to WV.
Steve Rose
Paul was a delight to work with.  I asked Paul to look for a certain property type.  He found several from which to choose over a few months. He alerted me to a property he thought matched our needs.He took the time to understand our needs and found us the perfect spot. He is the reason we found our piece of WV. Paul is invested in his community and makes it a priority to serve his clients.

Bob and Emily Haas
Paul is a pro. He has the relationships, experience, and knowledge to make the process go smoothly for buyers.  He took his time with us, visiting multiple homes across several counties, showing patience the whole time. He is great with people, adding little touches in the details to make the experience memorable and special.  We will gladly do business with him again and give our highest recommendation to those considering working with him!
Stephen and Kerry Baldwin
Working with Paul, along with his secretary, was a pleasure.  He was very courteous and knowledgeable about the area and the  home we were considering.  The process went quite smoothly. I would recommend him to anyone!
Coye and Whitney Sheets
My wife and I worked with Paul to both sell our prior home and then to purchase a new one.  The experience was very unique in both cases.  Paul took more time than we ever expected to get to know us and the details of the home we sold.
John and Jennifer King
Paul and his associates were efficient and wonderful to work with. They made our first buying experience a breeze and any questions we asked were answered in a very timely manner.

Erica and Luke Agee
We have been very pleased with our association with Paul Grist, Donna Stoner, and Grist Real Estate Associates.   In a highly competitive market they sold our Greenbrier Sporting Club property.  It was professionally and widely marketed in quality publications and on multiple web sites.Undoubtedly, their passion, knowledge, and commitment to this area and to their profession is the perfect recipe for a successful partnership with all parties to a real estate transaction – buyers, sellers, professionals, etc.We will definitely engage Grist Real Estate Associates for future real estate transactions and highly recommend their services to others. 
Steve and Ginger Lane
Outstanding service by a true real estate professional. Relocation is always a stressful experience, however with Paul’s team handling the listing, the quick sale of our home was not stressful. I especially appreciated the detail of Paul’s market analysis when it came time to choose our listing price.
Kurt Blankenship
Paul and his staff are tremendous!  We could not have asked for better experience, service and care!  Buying a home can be a stressful process but with Paul, we were in good hands and could enjoy the process!  Our next move is to sell our former home and there’s no question…we’ll be listing with Mr. Grist!
Jennifer Decker
Paul presented himself well both to us the seller and the buyer, he had an understanding of the correct time to move on pricing and how to handle presentation – Had a large marketing base with many methods.

Don Sibold
Working with Paul was an absolute pleasure.  As first time home buyers, we were very overwhelmed when we began our search for the perfect home.  After our first contact with Paul, we knew we no longer had any reason to stress.  It was obvious that we were in capable and caring hands.  He and his team were there every step of the way to answer our questions and explain the process in terms that we understood.  Paul was very patient and took us to every home we asked to see.  His advise and expertise were do greatly appreciated and we are so happy we chose to work with him.  We would recommend Paul to anyone for their real estate needs.
Solomon and Aimee Owens
We initially had reservations about listing with Paul since we did not have a home with a large price tag, but we couldn’t have been further from the truth. Paul and Donna went above and beyond what we expected. They treated us like family and helped us every step of the way. The attention to details in the house’s description and photographs is what surely sold our home. They were always available for whatever we needed and we would recommend them for ANY property of ANY type. We could not have been happier with their work. The energy and passion they have for the area is unlike anything I have ever seen. I could not recommend them enough. They made us feel just as, if not more important, than any other client.
Christopher Jolliffe and Justin Wigglesworth

Paul and the rest of the team at Grist Real Estate were great to work with. We couldn't have sold our home without them! They helped with each step of the way, were responsive and thorough, and helped us overcome all the roadblocks we encountered. Their professionalism and knowledge helped us get our house sold at the price we wanted. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Southern West Virginia area!
Phil Osbourn

Paul and his team guided us through the process of selling our home and purchasing a new one. Everything went so smoothly and I never felt any stress. Paul's guidance and professionalism is top notch and I highly recommend Grist Real Estate Associates for any of your real estate needs. They are the best in the Greenbrier Valley!
Toby Garlitz

The Grist Real Estate goes above and beyond to ensure your property is marketed. Our 100 + year-old Family Home was given a new life by an individual who appreciated the house and was willing to invest in bringing it back to its original grandeur. With Team Grist they focused on detail and appreciated our property and made sure the right buyer could see it from all angles inside and out! You will not be disappointed in their service and will love the personal experience that will last long after the sale of your home! Thank you Paul and Team Grist Reality for making the Withrow Family House a Home for new appreciated family!
Shawn Withrow

Could not have asked for a better experience.
David Webb

We had a wonderful experience with Grist Realty. The focus on all details of the sale of our home, from photos, staging, and advice was top of the line. The online presence is outstanding as many commented to me that they saw the virtual tour of our home and all raved at the professionalism. On top of everything, Paul is honest and worked tirelessly for us as he does for all his clients. He will be my first call if we sell or buy again.
Robert Johnson

Grist Real Estate Associates, Inc. offers exceptional service. Their professionalism is Par None!

David Jones

You get more with this brokerage than others. They go above and beyond to help you. Thanks Grist!

Samuel Wallace

I have worked with Paul for several years now to buy and sell multiple homes. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding you through the buying and/or selling process. He pays attention to all details, asks questions, and also gets to know you personally, which creates trust and respect. With Paul and his team, you are more than a sale. He's also a heck of a nice guy. 5 stars!
John King

Everyone I worked with at Grist was professional, expedient, and informative. I was so pleased with my experience, especially considering I was working out of state and Jenny and the team kept me in the loop on every update and helped make the process so easy. Highly recommend Grist for buying or selling!
Allison Furini

Kerry is an amazing Realtor to work with. She was able to help me with two transactions and we are looking into a third with her. She made it super easy even though I was in California 98% of the time during our transaction. I would recommend her to everyone.
Thanya Mercado

Kerry Baldwin was such an asset to administer our purchase; she was a great communicator, keeping us informed every step of the way, and was very professional from start to closing. Thank you, Kerry, for a great buying experience - you are the best!
Debbie and Brian Powers
Debbie Powers

Working with the team at Grist Real Estate Associates on the sale of my farm was a fantastic experience. They worked with me to meticulously document the property and then put in the effort to market it to the right people. I appreciate their efforts and encourage others to seek them out for all their property needs. They are first class!
Andrew Wright

Best real estate firm in the Greenbrier Valley and beyond. Everything from homes, farms and commercial. Their team is unparalleled in quality and service. Highly recommend!
Joseph Roczniak

Grist Real Estate, under the Direction of Paul Grist, excel at communication & the client experience. Their passion for their local communities & assisting homeowners shines through. They are your natural selection when choosing a Realtor in The Greater Greenbrier Region of beautiful West Virginia. Coming or going, it pays to have the best best agency.
Emily Kettenburg